160th Anniversary Campaign

Bob Kennedy Legacy Fund for Endowment

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Yes — we need you!

Your donation to Mechanics Hall provides the means to host a wider and evolving range of experiences that inspire, enrich, and enlighten us all. Your financial support safeguards our historic property from misuse or, worse, disuse! Your gift makes you a steward of an irreplaceable Worcester treasure. Your support today can make sure that Mechanics Hall will enrich the lives of your friends and loved ones tomorrow.

Mechanics Hall circa1870MECHANICS HALL

Our doors opened in 1857 and, ever since, Mechanics Hall has been a cornerstone of culture and community. The great performance artists, world explorers, writers and inventors, orators and scientists, social reformers and next door neighbors brought the Worcester community together right here in Mechanics Hall. They entertained, informed, and fostered bonds that only shared experiences can forge. For the past 40 years, after a storied history of both high and low regard, Mechanics Hall has built upon its extraordinary past and boldly revitalized a legacy of community service. Spanning 3 centuries, Mechanics Hall has a rich heritage that we all share.